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The mask industry is so hot this year, how much do you know about masks?

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The mask industry is so hot this year, how much do you know about masks?

This year's epidemic has caused an unprecedented boom in the mask industry, and the epidemic has been under control for more than half a year. Although all have returned to normal life now, how much do you know about masks? The following protective mask exhibition will explain for you.

KN95 mask is a mask with a filtration efficiency of 95% or more for particulate matter in our country, and an N95 mask is a mask with a filtration efficiency of 95% or more for particulate matter in the United States. The two are just different codes, but the actual effect is the same. In addition, you need to pay attention before wearing a mask, be sure to wash your hands. After removing the mask, avoid touching the outside of the mask.

N95 and KN95 masks are just the difference in model and name, the actual effect is indeed the same. The N95 level is the American standard, and the KN95 level is the Chinese standard. The technical requirements and test methods of the two levels are basically the same, but they belong to the standards of different countries.

Generally, disposable medical masks have better protective effects than disposable masks. Disposable medical masks need to meet the YY/T0969 standard. This is a mask with a lower level of protection than medical surgical masks. It is used in the non-epidemic period and is used in hospitals. Second and third line personnel or medical occasions with the lowest protection level. Civil masks are all flat, one level lower than disposable medical masks. The structure is the same as that of disposable medical masks, except that the meltblown cloth used in the middle is ordinary meltblown cloth without electret treatment. The barrier effect of foam. If the fiber is made thinner, it will also have a short-term barrier effect on bacteria, but there is no adsorption between the charges. When inhaling, bacteria will enter the body with the pressure difference, and the protective effect is average.

The protective masks we usually use only filter dust, dust, particles, etc., but medical masks and medical surgical masks are made of multiple layers of non-woven fabrics. The inner surface is a waterproof layer and the outer surface is an oil-proof layer. This kind of protection from unclean body fluids and splashes has respiratory protection. Protective masks are not effective in preventing the new crown pneumonia virus, and medical masks and medical surgical masks have stronger protection capabilities.

What is the difference between the same three-layer non-woven disposable medical mask and the disposable mask (without the word medical)? The protective mask exhibition will tell you.

I have checked that the outer layer of the medical mask is a hydrophobic layer, the middle layer is generally a meltblown cloth, and the inner layer is a non-woven fabric made of skin-friendly materials. Then I now have a three-layer non-woven mask (disposable mask) in my hand. Hydrophobic layer plus meltblown cloth, then our question is whether it is strictly sterilized before packaging, that is, whether the defensive performance of disposable medical masks can be achieved when the mask composition is exactly the same, or whether it is What are the different standards on the middle melt blown cloth? Since it is a melt blown cloth, are they all unified standards? Then why emphasize medical masks instead of choosing a melt blown cloth (filter layer) What about masks?

Many people are basically on the top of the storm. The epidemic is raging this year. Although many companies have caused business decline due to the virus, the masks are very popular. How popular is it? You can see it almost everywhere. Companies that make masks. So why are masks sold so hot now that many factories can’t do it? The reason lies in the "melt blown cloth", the raw material for masks. Because of the scarcity of materials, it is impossible to buy good raw materials, so some mask factories can no longer do it. Keep going. So many friends have to ask, since the raw materials are so scarce, why does no one make "melt blown cloth"? In fact, according to relevant knowledge, there are not a few companies that make melt blown cloth, but they can make up to 95%. A very small number of more than %, generally 80%-90% mostly. Some time ago, due to the domestic epidemic, some factories used some low-filtration meltblown cloth to make masks. Now that the domestic epidemic is under control, many factories can only do foreign trade. Then they will detect the raw material meltblown cloth filtration degree of masks, which is naturally required. Coming up. If we only do domestic work now, we must go downhill. The demand for masks in China is not very large now, and low-quality masks have been rampant, and the prices have been kept down. What do you think of the factories that make masks?

The words “medical” are not something you can add if you want to. The 100,000-level environment and the basic measures of identifying the ability of microorganisms are aside. The most difficult thing is the qualification! Now the state strongly supports civilian masks. However, medical qualifications are scarce and difficult to handle.

First of all, let’s talk about the material, the same mask machine, the same meltblown cloth, and it’s good if you can buy it, provided that you can buy it at a higher price! Skin-friendly non-woven nose bridge, plus two elastic bands, masks are that simple. The biggest difference is that it needs to be sterilized with ethylene oxide: because it is a broad-spectrum, highly effective gas sterilization and disinfectant. It has strong penetrating power to disinfected items, can reach the deep part of the items, and can kill several pathogenic microorganisms, including bacterial vegetative spores, viruses and fungi. Both gas and liquid have a strong antimicrobial effect, and gas has a strong effect, so its gas is often used. It is widely used in medical disinfection and industrial sterilization. After disinfecting disposable masks with ethylene oxide, it needs to go through a series of procedures, and disposable masks must be tested before leaving the factory. The ethylene oxide content in the masks is up to the standard, so it is basically not harmful to human breathing !

Ordinary disposables are destined to be ordinary disposables, but I want to say that for ordinary people, it is not required by doctors or hospitals. Such three-layer civilian masks with meltblown cloth can also be used for normal protection.

Must have a melt blown cloth! Many people think that when they hear the word “no medical”, they think that it is a three-no product and no defense. In fact, it is not. As long as they are all formal products approved by the state, they can be used, mainly depending on the material composition. If it is a two-layer non-woven disposable protective mask, it is definitely useless. Although it meets the dust and taste of disposable protective masks, it is not anti-flu, melt blown cloth is the key! But inferior quality is not enough to meet the standard. The meltblown cloth is not in the scope of what I said.

Therefore, the price of medical masks is twice as expensive as civilian disposable masks! In fact, for ordinary people, the epidemic has now been fully controlled and normal life has been restored. It is also good to choose civilian masks with a higher cost performance.

The protective mask exhibition believes that now, no matter where you are, you can see masks for sale everywhere, and there are many types of medical or general protective masks. Although normal life and work have been restored, we must pay attention to protection, especially It is to continue to strengthen self-protection in public places where the flow of people is intensive or when taking transportation.

There is still a lot of knowledge about masks. Today, the protective mask exhibition collects the above content for your reference!

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