It can be automatically turned on before the welding starts. When the welding is finished, the helmet will automatically switch to power-saving mode, extending the battery life.
Highly sensitive arc sensors, without impact of natural and ambient light, offer 1/25000 seconds fast switching speed from light state to dark state.
TECMEN “anti-heat” shield blocks up to 30% of radiated heat, offering better operator comfort and extending the life of the welding lens.
Offer ultra-clear and uniform visibility under welding conditions showing true colour. The technology enables the user to see the weld pool with complete clarity, ensuring high-quality welds every time.
The external grinding switch function allows the users to quickly transfer to grinding mode without having to lifting the welding helmet.
Replaceable batteries combined with solar power assist in extending the battery life.
Four built-in independently sensors, ensuring no arc flashes in complex operating environment, offering the optimum level of protection.
Shading, delay and sensitivity can be adjusted by the stepless control knob to meet users’ different needs and level of eye protection required.
Low-battery indicator will light up to remind the user to replace the battery.
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